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You don't even know the whole truth, stop pointing fingers at taeyeon as though she's the culprit in all of this. Her definition of protecting snsd could mean anything and it probably meant a lot more than we know about so shut up and stay neutral.


I read other translations, and you’re probably right — it was probably just a misleading translation. At least, I sure damn hope you’re right, anon.

Because if that statement were taken as is, she looks guilty as fuck. The girl clearly needs more media training classes. Either way, she should know by now not to say vague shit like that, especially in the midst of all these problems. She’s starting more fires than she’s putting out.

Oh, and I’m not saying that Taeyeon orchestrated this whole thing and deserves the brunt of the blame. There are eight of them plus SM; she certainly isn’t the only one, but she is part of it.

Let me explain to you a thing, my dear anon:

ALL of the stories released, not just from Jessica but even from SM and fucking Dispatch, confirmed that the girls gave her an ultimatum to quit her business she invested so much money in or leave the group she invested so much of her life in.

ALL of the stories confirmed that she was expecting to continue her activities as an SNSD member, even if only for a little while longer.

ALL of the stories confirmed that the members and the agency decided behind her back that she somehow crossed the line with her fashion business/Tyler Kwon and that the group would be better off without her (even though several of the other members have had numerous individual activities in the past and missed so much more group activities than her).

Ready for the worst part? ALL of the stories confirmed that she was rushing to the fanevent in China, when she received a PHONECALL informing her that she was no longer a part of Girls’ Generation. No discussion. No prior notice. The career she slaved over for 7+ years was taken away from her in the span of a few seconds. They didn’t even have the decency to tell her in person. All while her eight “friends” were sitting comfortably in a plane on the way to Shenzhen.

You’re right that we don’t know the members’ side. But to be frank, unless their excuse is “KYM had a gun to our heads”, there’s very little the 8 members can say that would make their actions redeemable. The least they could have done was to own up to their actions so she could leave with an ounce of dignity.

Lastly, fame and celebrity life are not forever. Those things fade, and in the kpop world, they fade FAST. SNSD’s popularity was already on the decline, but that has never been the problem because they have had an amazing run as an idol group, and they could still always continue in spite of it if they wanted to. But at this point in their careers, it is only wise that the girls begin thinking about their lives away from SNSD. Some of them might settle down and start a family, some of them might continue releasing their own music, and some of them might start a fashion business. Hell, some of them might want to do all of those. That does not mean the group means less to them, it’s just reality. It was only sheer bad luck that Jessica was the first to realize this and pursue her individual aspirations, and she was unjustly punished for it.

Anyway, I deleted the post. It was too spur-of-the-moment-rage-y. So… Still neutral, anon?

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Everyone is like “soshibond!!1!1” “ot9 forever!11!” Like do u not realize that everyone in snsd voted jessica out for having another dream there is no soshibond or ot9 chill

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From the start, all I ever wanted was to protect SNSD. Nothing else but that. I’m sorry to make you suffer like this. From now on, I’ll work hard to make sure only good things happen.
Taeyeon (while crying)
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When I saw the news that the other members cried at the fanmeeting I thought that maybe they didn't know about it and the thing was just between Jessica and SM, but, now, I don't really now.... Plus, when the other members wore Jessica's brand at the airport kinda seem like SM media play again. I mean, it didn't even make that long that the rumour us confirmed and they were "showing suport" to Jessica.


Am I the only person who feels like this is a reoccuring pattern




  1. Release official statement after hours claiming that they have no idea what’s going on
  2. have group members go to an event distressed/confused-looking/teary-eyed
  3. Gain sympathy from fans by way of promoting them either in Korea or globally (whether they have had a comeback or not)
  4. Sudden “accounts” from “friends and associates” come up out of nowhere, just in time to villainize the party in question
  5. Get fans pissed enough to welcome erasing questioned party’s existence and encourage OT(-1)

This is literally the fucking pattern SM uses all the time. It’s so fucking stupid and fans should have seen though this A LONG time ago. Watch. Watch them all preach sisterhood even more. Watch them come out with a comeback by late this year/early next year and get on variety shows talking about how hard it was “when the other one left”. Jessica is about to go from Sica to nameless to SNSD just like all the others did to their groups.  

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Here’s the thing


Even if the girls did release an official statement, would we be able to believe them?

I feel like Jessica’s statement was brutally honest and maybe even a bit emotional. She’s hurt. Maybe she did say some things she shouldn’t have. BUT one of the strongest reasons we should believe her is this: SM ENTERTAINMENT NO LONGER CONTROLS HER EVERY WAKING MOVE

If the other girls were to release a statement, you better be damn sure that someone at SM either edited the crap out of it or wrote it. 

Honestly, we’ll never know. It’s no use picking sides but, at this moment, I am supporting Jessica because she needs it the most. 

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tbh I’m so much more pissed at the members than the company. So much for being sisters. 

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What’s up with snsd crying at their latest China event because of the whole Jessica thing… like you’re the ones who kicked her out… make up your minds…

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You know I really wasnt going to say anything about the whole situation with Jessica but after reading her statement, I have lost any and all respect I ever had for GG as a group. To do something like that to her is despicable. I honestly can not bring myself to support them any longer.  What they did was wrong and I cant bring myself to have any shred of respect for them. Granted I wasnt a big fan to begin with but now I refuse to be a fan at all. I am sure I will get plenty of SONEs trying to tell me it was Jessicas fault and that I shouldnt stop being a fan but you know what, I cant bring myself to even consider continuing to support them after this. Whether you agree with me or not is irrelevant, this is my decision and I for one will stand by Jessica and NOT by Girls Generation. I hope everything goes well for Jessica and that she can truly be happy in life despite this incident. 

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I seriously didn’t know SNSD worked like survivor like

"Sorry Jessica, but you’ve been voted off the island"

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Okay, one last text post and then I’m done.

I just want to say that I’m so proud of Jessica because her brutal honesty was refreshing to see. No sugarcoating. No nonsense. She’s no longer a corporate puppet, and if she’s pissed at her company and her members for throwing her under the bus, she’ll go out and say it to the world. Of course, she’s gotten a lot of flack for it, but it’s about damn time these artists started standing up for themselves — regardless of whether they’re standing up against corporations or their friends. No matter what the final outcome is, I hope she’ll continue to be successful and happy because after all the shit she’s been through, my god, she deserves it.

Also, I know the fandom is completely divided on this issue, but I think we can all agree on this:

From now on, SONEs should start a loud-as-fuck Jessica chant during all SNSD events. Maybe then they will get the message.

Whoever they is is up to you.

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